Two House Races Still Waiting for Final Results

California and Colorado are still awaiting final results for House races. Republican John Duarte of California’s 13th district leads by 600 votes against Democrat Adam Gray. Lauren Boebert of Colorado leads with 550 votes against Democrat Adam Frisch. Both races come from Democrat states with few limitations on mail-in ballots, in comparison to several Republican states with quick election results.

From The Daily Wire:

“If every state ran elections like Florida or Texas, we’d know the total House count within 24 hours of the polls closing, or less,” Cook Political’s Dave Wasserman told the Washington Examiner. “But between late ballot return deadlines and slow ballot processing, CA’s results look more like molasses than well-functioning machinery.”

The New York Times election tracker explained that the news outlet stopped updating its House forcast in the California and Colorado House races the day after the election due to the delay in counting mail-in ballots. California still has more than 250,000 uncounted ballots across the state, The Daily Wire reported Thursday.