Tucker Carlson Says Critical Race Theory Is Anti-White Racism, Not Just Generic ‘Racism’

Carlson cuts to the truth many self-avowed “anti-CRT” activists have been trying to obscure.

During Tuesday night’s edition of the Fox News television program “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson reminded viewers that the teaching of Critical Race Theory in schools and businesses is a direct expression of anti-White racism, not a vague and amorphous form of generic racism that actually hurts black or Asian communities the most.

“So Chris Rufo is a researcher & he dared to expose Critical Race Theory for what it is, it’s Anti-White Racism, obviously,” Carlson said Tuesday while introducing a segment with an anti-CRT advocate. The Fox News host added, “This is really sick, and it’s a complete dead end that will tank the country if we allow it to continue.”