Tucker Carlson Interviews Ron DeSantis Over the 60 Minutes Hit Piece (video)

If you’ve been reading RedState the last few days, you’ve no doubt been following the saga of a 60 Minutes hit piece produced on Florida Gov.

Ron DeSantis (see hereherehere, and here for more details).

The “report” was full of false insinuations and included a deceptively edited portion that obscured the truth of the matter. It was so dishonest that even multiple Democrat officials in Florida called out CBS News for purposely lying about the vaccine situation in the state.

Tonight, DeSantis went on Tucker Carlson’s show, and let’s just say that shots were fired. He lambasted 60 Minutes for their terrible journalistic standards and for deliberately lying about the situation with Publix and vaccination sites.

DeSantis also provides more detail about where the state was targeting vaccinations early on because CBS completely omitted that context.