Tucker Carlson Exposes Media and Big Tech Lies About Kyle Rittenhouse Case

“If there’s one thing this trial has taught us, it’s how completely dishonest and totally misleading so many of the news accounts of what Kyle Rittenhouse did have been.”

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson eviscerated the lies of the mainstream media and Big Tech censors in a powerful monologue on Monday breaking down the facts of the Kyle Rittenhouse case as the trial wraps up.

After laying out the sequence of events that came out in court about Rittenhouse’s shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Carlson explained how the leftist media had to twist the facts to generate a racial narrative and demonize the Second Amendment.

“If an ex-con with a history of violent crime informs you that he is going to murder you and then tries to grab your gun from your hands, you are allowed to respond. In fact, you have to respond because it would be suicidal not to, obviously. But as a legal matter, all that matters here is whether Kyle Rittenhouse reasonably believed that his life was in danger,” Carlson said.

“And of course, he believed that. Why wouldn’t he? You would believe that too if you were him. But it’s the second part of the prosecutor’s lie that tells you the most about how these people think. Here’s the quote. ‘You lose the right to self-defense when you’re the one that brought the gun.’”

“So no one with a concealed carry permit is allowed to defend himself? What’s the point of having a gun if you can’t save your own life with it?” Carlson continued. 

“Well, that’s exactly what they’re telling you. They’re telling you you don’t have that right? You have no right to resist. That’s the whole point of this whole proceeding,” Carlson claimed.

“So the next time BLM sweeps into your town, your neighborhood, your house to burn and loot and brandish weapons, you had better not try to protect yourself or your family. Try to protect yourself or your family, and we will charge you with murder. And while we’re at it, we’ll have the national media call you racist.”