Trumpworld sees growing wave behind another run in 2024

There is growing sentiment inside Trump circles that the former president’s supporters want him to run again — and that he is eager to accept the challenge.

Spurred by two former top Trump aides predicting he will run and a long list of planned rallies this year, the Republican’s supporters are starting to gear up for a 2024 bid on social media and in their front yards, displaying Trump 2024 flags.

“The energy is still out there,” said a key insider. “They want him back for another run.”

His friends describe the president as eager to entertain another campaign, though it is not a lock and depends on how the 2022 midterm election goes.

Former spokesman Sean Spicer this month told Secrets that “he’s in,” and former chief of staff Mark Meadows also hinted at former President Donald Trump’s consideration of a second bid.

Others said Trump has recently lost some weight, feels good, and is engaged in current issues. He is especially watchful of President Joe Biden’s efforts to tear down his legacy and spoil policies the Republican Party believes were winners, such as immigration.

“He’s getting stronger and stronger as each day passes,” an associate said. “The enthusiasm is not dwindling at all, it’s amazing.”

Polls continue to show Trump as the dominant Republican in a possible 2024 primary race.

A new Morning Consult survey out Wednesday even shows that one-third of Republicans believe he will return to office before Inauguration Day 2025. There has been a rumor circulating he will return by Friday, one concerning the Biden administration that Homeland Security sent a notice to local and state authorities to keep a lookout for violent calls on social media related to the rumor.

Trump is planning a “Save America” rally later this month in Montgomery, Alabama, and has a series of rallies planned later this year with journalist Bill O’Reilly.

Those are selling well, and Trump’s online support remains strong.

Recently asked by his social media czar and trusted ally Dan Scavino to post photos and comments about Trump, dozens of fans were quick to react.

“We need him before 2024, but flags flying just in case,” posted Cathy Carson, who included a video of her Trump 2024 flags.

“Best day ever at Lake Sinclair, Milledgeville Georgia! Let’s re-elect President Donald J Trump 2024!!!” posted Andrea Rame Bolds with a video of her 2020 boat parade.

And Nancy Romero wrote, “I still have my sign on my from porch window, HISPANICS FOR TRUMP, and its staying until elections are corrected, or I die.”