Trump ‘Will Call Vladimir Putin and End This War’ If Biden Asks: Rep. Nehls

Republican Representative Troy Nehls of Texas says former President Donald Trump is the key to bringing peace to Ukraine.

In an interview with Fox News, Rep. Nehls discussed U.S. involvement in the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which began in February 2022.

Despite the U.S. spending over $97 billion in aid and arms, reports on the ground don’t reflect the mainstream media’s claim that Russia is losing the war. For example, the Russian military on Tuesday claimed to have captured the village of Blahodatne located north of the eastern Ukrainian town of Bakhmut, which has been the epicenter of heavy fighting, according to the Moscow Times.

Over the weekend, Trump spoke in New Hampshire and emphasized his policy of “peace through strength,” claiming that if he were still President, the war in Ukraine would never have occurred. Trump warned, “First come the tanks then come the nukes,” regarding the Biden administration’s escalation of war aid. “Even now I could solve this in 24 hours,” he said. “If I were president you would have zero chance that this war would have happened.”

Rep. Nehls commented on the U.S. plan to send M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, expressing his disbelief when asked by a Fox News host, “31 Abrams, M1, the latest iteration of the tanks, minus the depleted uranium reactive armor, will soon be headed to Ukraine, you’re really scratching your head over this one?”

“I am,” Nehls responded. “Because the American people have to understand that is a very powerful piece of equipment. But it requires an enormous amount of logistical support, you have to have a logistical package. It has a jet engine,” Nehls explained. “When you have to remove that engine, you need a big crane, it’s a call an M 88. It’s a wrecker for a tank, and you need to have smart people working on that. You need to have the maintenance personnel.”

“If we really want to end this war, you want in this war, Joe Biden, you need to call Donald Trump. Donald Trump will call Vladimir Putin and end this war. We must stop this war. Donald Trump can do it. He never went into Ukraine under Donald Trump in his four years,” Nehls said.

Joe Biden said Monday that the U.S. won’t be providing F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, appearing to reject a key request from the country as it fends off Russian aggression, CBS News reports.

Though Ukraine has made it clear it would like to have fighter jets such as the F-16s, when asked on the White House South Lawn if the U.S. would provide F-16 fighter jets to the war-torn country, Biden said, “No.”