Trump to Release New Book With Personally Handpicked Photos of His Tenure in White House

The book is set to be the first after the departure of Trump from the Oval Office. The price for a standard copy of the book is said to be $74.99, while a signed one costs $229.99.

Former US President Donald Trump has announced the release of his book, “Our Journey Together,” said to be devoted to his tenure in the White House, according to a statement on Friday.

The book reportedly contains over 300 pages of color photographs, accompanied by Trump’s own notes.

“‘Our Journey Together’ is a collection of beautiful photos captured during our very successful time in the White House,” Trump said. “From center stage to behind-the-scenes—this is a must-have for all Patriots. Every photograph has been handpicked by me and every caption is mine, some in my own handwriting.”

According to media reports, all photographs were officially taken by the White House. Among the illustrations are photos of Trump meeting world leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, China’s President Xi Jinping, and many others.

“‘Our Journey Together’ features unforgettable moments from our time in Washington: building the Southern Border Wall; cutting America’s taxes; confirming almost 300 federal judges and 3 Supreme Court justices; rebuilding our military; creating Space Force; dealing with Kim Jong-Un, President Xi, President Putin, and many other world leaders; and battling liberals on two Impeachment Witch Hunts, just to name a few.”

The book, set for release on December 7, is published by Winning Team Publishing, owned by the son of ex-President Donald Trump and Sergio Gor, who previously worked for Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.

The book has added to the speculation that the 45th is mulling a 2024 presidential bid.