Trump Says Trade Deals Are So Good Even Biden Won’t Unwind Them

Trade deals have remained unscathed despite President Joe Biden’s direct attacks on the Trump administration because Biden knows they are successful, former President Donald Trump said Saturday.

“We got the USMCA [U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement] done, which has been an amazing deal for the United States,” Trump said in an exclusive interview on Newsmax‘s “Dick Morris Democracy.” 

“He hasn’t [unwound it], and I don’t think he could at this point, because everybody is loving it and maybe the farmers more than anybody else,” Trump said. “The farmers are loving it, USMCA.”

Biden has been silent on crediting his predecessor’s achievements, whether it be the COVID-19 vaccines, U.S. economy, or trade deals.

“You’re right, I don’t get any credit,” Trump told Morris. “I don’t get credit for the China deal either.”

Trump said getting China to fully engage in trade deals was not undone by Biden, but the global pandemic instead.

“Now, China changed a lot after COVID, but before COVID, I made a trade deal with China, that benefited us incredibly,” Trump said. “We were cutting their deficits.

“The farmers were doing better in the farm belt than they were ever doing before, than they ever done. The cost of grain. You know China buys so much under that deal, that it made our farmers do business again.”