Trump Says Nikki Haley ‘Is Not Going to Be Chosen’ as VP

Former President Donald Trump said Nikki Haley was not going to be in the running for his Vice Presidential pick.

“She is OK, but she is not presidential timber, and when I say that, that probably means she is not going to be chosen as the vice president,” Trump said during a rally in New Hampshire.

“When you say certain things, it sort of takes them out of play, right? I can’t say, ‘She’s not of the timber to be the vice president’ and then say, ‘Ladies and gentleman, I’m proud to announce that I’ve picked…”

The former president claimed that Haley simply “cannot do this job.”

“She’s not tough enough, she’s not smart enough, and she wasn’t respected enough,” Trump said Friday night. “She cannot do this job.”

From Newsmax:

Haley worked for the Trump administration as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, and Trump frequently jokes he put her in that position to elevate then-Lt. Gov. Henry McMaster to the governor's role in the key battleground state of South Carolina.