Trump Reportedly Hit With $22 Mln Lawsuit for Calling COVID ‘China Virus’ and ‘Kung Flu’

Ex-US President Donald Trump has repeatedly said that he uses the term because the coronavirus “comes from China”, something that Beijing rejects. 

A Chinese American civil rights group has reportedly launched a lawsuit against Donald Trump over the former POTUS’ use of terms such as “China virus” to describe COVID-19.

The celebrity gossip website TMZ reported that the Chinese American Civil Rights Coalition (CACRC) is suing Trump for about $22.9 million as the group claims the 45th US president using derogatory terms added to the recent rise in violence against Chinese and other Asian Americans.

A recent study revealed that there had been an almost 150 percent spike in reports of anti-Asian hate crimes last year after the first reported outbreak of the pandemic in Wuhan, China in late 2019.