Trump Endorses Wyoming GOP Chairman Frank Eathorne

Former President Donald Trump on Thursday endorsed Wyoming GOP chairman Frank Eathorne’s reelection efforts, specifically mentioning the chairman’s censure of Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) in the statement.

“Perhaps, most importantly, Frank has censured the incompetent Liz Cheney, who couldn’t care less about our brave soldiers overseas, and who is willing to fight ridiculous, endless wars instead of preparing for the big time enemies that may someday soon face our Country,” Trump wrote in a statement.

Cheney’s office did not immediately return a request for comment.

Cheney and Trump have sparred about the war in Afghanistan and the divide between the two has become more pronounced since the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, which prompted the congresswoman to vote in favor of impeaching the former president on Democrat accusations of inciting an insurrection. Trump was acquitted of that charge.

Eathorne has been chair of the Wyoming GOP since 2019 and is currently campaigning for reelection.

“Frank Eathorne continues to fight for our America First Policies as GOP Chairman of the Great State of Wyoming. He is highly respected by everyone, fighting for your Second Amendment and continually growing the Republican Party,” Trump wrote.

“Frank has my Complete and Total Endorsement for his re-election. He will never let you down!” Trump added.

Eathorne was one of Wyoming’s Republican leaders who led the effort to censure Cheney for her impeachment stance and put out a statement that condemned Cheney’s decision.

“The Democrats are using this (the impeachment) to smear the entire conservative movement and all Republicans. By voting to impeach, Representative Cheney is helping them in that effort.”