Trump Endorsements Are Reportedly Being Sold By Advisors, Potentially Without The President’s Knowledge

Radio host Stew Peters exposed the controversy behind Trump’s endorsements.

President Donald Trump’s political endorsements are reportedly being sold off by Bill Stepien, potentially without President Trump’s knowledge, according to top radio host Stew Peters.

In lieu of President Donald Trump’s recent and questionable endorsements, radio host Stew Peters reported that the former President’s endorsements are being sold off by Bill Stepien – potentially behind his back.

The news comes after President Trump endorsed Harriet Hageman’s bid to replace Rep. Liz Cheney, the anti-Trump representative from Wyoming who voted to impeach him. Hageman, however, was described to National File as Cheney’s “BFF,” or “best friend forever,” has had family connections to the Cheney family that go back decades, and worked on Cheney’s failed 2013 Senate campaign as a political advisor.

Despite running against Cheney, when Hageman launched her campaign yesterday, her own website had photographs of her posing with the anti-Trump Republican and Cheney’s father, former vice president Dick Cheney. Additionally, until yesterday, Hageman’s Facebook revealed that she was spending time with Cheney on election day in 2018, despite having her own race for governor that she lost.

“I can report today that I have spoken with somebody very close to President Trump, and that person says that one of the President’s closest aides, Bill Stepien, is selling the President’s endorsements for money,” said Peters. “Now to be clear, this person says Trump does not know about this and I don’t know the exact form this quid pro quo took, but the overall thrust was clear: Bill Stepien is arranging for President Trump to endorse candidates for reasons other than actual politics.”

“That would explain the out of nowhere choice of Harriet Hageman,” Peters added. Despite Harriet Hageman being described to National File as Rep. Liz Cheney’s “best friend forever” and Hageman having worked for Cheney as recently as 2013, and Hageman’s ties to a 2016 effort to strip President Trump of the Republican nomination for president, Hageman received an endorsement from the 45th President this week.

“Bill Stepien was the guy who managed Trump’s campaign in the final five months of the 2020 race. In other words, this is the guy, Bill Stepien, who botched what should have been a sure thing,” said Peters. “But he personally made a lot of money doing it, and now he gets to make more on the 2022 races.” Peters added, “This guy wins, even when America First loses,” said Peters.