Trump: Democrats Are Destroying Our Country

The 45th president weighed-in on Joe Biden’s blunders and the current state of how elections are run. Donald Trump highlighted election practices that are illegal in many states and the abuse of U.S. election procedures by Democrats.

In an interview with Lou Dobbs on Thursday, Trump said mail-in ballots and drop boxes are ripe for fraud. This comes as Georgia launched a formal probe into those practices in its 2020 elections in violation of the state law. Trump also stressed stolen elections are having disastrous consequences for the U.S.

Trump then commented that runaway inflation, labor shortages and the supply chain crisis hurting Americans are all Joe Biden’s fault. Furthermore, he went on to discuss the ongoing crisis at the southern border, adding his administration stifled the flow of migrants while in office.

Trump highlighted how he and his administration worked to combat human trafficking at the southern border and the surge of deadly drugs flowing into the country, while noting fentanyl-laced products are currently plaguing the nation.