Trump Considers Democratic Contender Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for Potential 2024 Running Mate

Originally published September 15, 2023 7:55 am PDT

Former President Donald Trump is considering an unexpected name for his running mate in the upcoming 2024 elections: Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a long-time Democrat and potential presidential contender.

During a recent interaction on Newsmax with host Rob Schmitt, Trump labeled Kennedy as “a smart guy.”

The speculation surrounding Trump’s choice for a running mate has been mounting, and the potential alignment with Kennedy has caught the attention of many.

When Schmitt broached the possibility of a “Trump/Kennedy” partnership, noting its appeal on bumper stickers, Trump responded, “I’ve known him over the years. He’s a smart guy and well-intentioned. I really believe he’s very well-intentioned.”

Trump’s remarks came after Kennedy delivered a speech at an event historically attended by Republican presidential hopefuls—the backyard barbecue organized by former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown in Rye, New Hampshire.

During his speech, Kennedy highlighted the economic shifts in recent years.

“Two years ago, the average price of a home in the United States of America was $215,000. Today, it’s $400,000. The interest rate for this generation went from 3% or 7%,” he remarked.

Moreover, he criticized the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, stating, “The COVID lockdowns — we shut down 3.3 million businesses without any due process and no just compensation that the constitution requires.”

Despite being a Democrat, Kennedy did not dismiss the idea of running as an independent candidate if he doesn’t secure the Democratic nomination.

“If they jam me, I’m looking at every option,” he asserted.

Kennedy’s appearance at Scott Brown’s event created a noticeable buzz.

One of the attendees, Borne, accompanied by his son, noted the uniqueness of the evening, observing, “This is by far the biggest crowd at any of Scott Brown’s events for any of these events. I can’t believe how many people came.”

While the future political landscape remains uncertain, one sentiment among voters at the event was clear.

Jim Shaw, a two-time Trump voter, voiced his disillusionment: “I’m increasingly losing my enthusiasm for (Donald) Trump. I voted for him twice. Don’t know if I’ll vote for him a third time.”

Yet he added, “I definitely don’t want Biden in there and I’m looking for an alternative to the current administration.”

A Trump-Kennedy ticket might be that alternative, especially in a post-COVID pandemic America.

RFK Jr.’s vaccine realism, including his warnings about conflicts of interest among pharmaceutical giants and the asset managers who own them as well as adverse events and weak safety data regarding the jab, will no doubt be welcomed by the many Trump supporters who are skeptical of the mainstream COVID narrative.