Trump Backs GOP Push to Hold AG Garland in Contempt Over Biden Tapes

President Trump agreed with Rep. Anna Paulina Luna and other House members on Truth Social that Attorney General Merrick Garland ought to be placed in intrinsic contempt for refusing to comply with a subpoena seeking information for Congress.

The attempt to find Garland guilty of contempt stems from his refusal to make audio recordings of President Joe Biden’s meeting with Special Counsel Robert Hur about his improper handling of secret documents available.

The White House has asserted executive privilege, and the Department of Justice has refused to provide the recorded audio even after being subpoenaed. Since then, Luna has pledged to introduce a resolution on the House floor that will declare Garland to be in “inherent contempt.” The debate about the tapes and what the White House and DOJ knew about Biden’s cognitive status at the time has intensified now that worries about his aging have grown.

“I AGREE with Anna Paulina Luna and the many House Members who think Merrick Garland should be held in INHERENT CONTEMPT for refusing to release the Biden Tapes even though they were subpoenaed!” Trump posted on his Truth Social account.

Subsequently, the former president stated that House Republicans ought to summon the “deranged” Jack Smith and inquire about his “illegal investigation” into Trump. Additionally, he stated that the SAVE ACT, which would prevent illegal immigrants from casting ballots in elections, ought to be passed by Congress. “Republicans MUST GET TOUGH about stopping weaponization and cheating! They may just be coming for me and my elections today, but they will come for all the Republicans very soon if they succeed!” Trump went on.

Luna had been emphatic that Garland must be removed from his job and had intended to make the motion on Wednesday morning. Garland contended that he was unable to make the audio tape public because doing so might discourage witnesses from cooperating with the agency in the future. 

In response, Luna stated that congressional investigations would come to an end if subpoenas were not honored. Garland was referred by the House GOP to the DOJ for criminal contempt charges, but DOJ representatives chose not to bring charges against their boss.

Due to their refusal to cooperate with subpoenas from the J6 committee, Steven K. Bannon and Peter Navarro faced prosecution for contempt of Congress after Trump invoked executive privilege on their correspondence. Garland doesn’t seem to notice the similarities.