Transgender Collegiate Sprinter Breaks Women’s School Record

A transgender sprinter set a school record.

Camden Schreiner, who now goes by Sadie Schreiner, previously competed against males in high school and now competes against female collegiate athletes at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

“New school record‼️,” RIT posted on Instagram. “Sophomore Sadie Schreiner set a new record in the 300m dash last Friday at Nazareth, clocking in a time of 41.80s.”

Conservative account Libs of TikTok shared on X, “Meet Camden. A male who just broke the women’s 300m record on his college’s women’s track team. Before he pretended to be a woman, he competed on the men’s team in high school where was ranked in 19th place.”

Women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines similarly said, “New collegiate school record in women’s 300m at @RITtigers!!! Except it was set by a male.”

“This happens a lot for something that never happens,” she added.

American Faith reported that a high school female volleyball player was seriously injured by a transgender, biological male.

The injured player’s father, who has kept his name a secret for safety reasons, says that his daughter took a spiked ball to the head and was concussed by a transgender opponent.

He said that in October, during a match at Half Moon Bay High School, his 17-year-old suffered major injuries and will be out for the entire season.

He claimed that Half Moon Bay High School appeared to have a player who was stronger, bigger, and faster than the rest of the girls.

“From a distance, It seemed like a boy dressed in a girl’s volleyball uniform,” the man said. He added that he texted his wife to ask if she knew if Half Moon Bay had a boy playing as a girl. “I asked if she knew that there may be a boy on the [Half Moon Bay] team. She said yes.”