Transgender Athlete Who Competes With Women Wins Four Running Competitions

A transgender runner who now identifies as a woman has competed in and won four female competitions this year so far.

  • A transgender Canadian athlete who is biologically male has won four recent women’s running competitions.
  • Fifty-year-old Tiffany Newell transitioned five years ago and began competing in women’s competitions in 2020 after claiming to meet testosterone requirements.
  • Newell won first place at the “Winter Mini Meet” on January 8 in the 3000 meter for women aged 45-49 event.
  • On February 5, the transgender athlete dominated the 1500 meter for women aged 45-49 competition.
  • Last year, Newell beat the Canadian record in the 5000 meter indoor running competition by six seconds, while also dominating the 800 meter women’s race at the same event.

“I am a woman, and I feel most comfortable racing against women or other transgender women. I believe an open category can work if athletes can continue to race against athletes of the same gender,” Newell said.

  • Earlier this month, professional surfer Bethany Hamilton announced she would not be participating in the World Surf League if biological males were allowed to compete in women’s events.
  • Hamilton argued that testing “hormone levels” was not a fair assessment of who should be competing in gender-specific competitions.
  • “Is a hormone level an honest and accurate depiction that someone indeed is a male or female? Is it as simple as this,” Hamilton said. “I personally think that the best solution would be to create a different division so that all can have a fair opportunity to showcase their passion and talent – and I think it’s really hard to imagine what the future of women’s surfing will be like in 15-20 years down the road if we move forward allowing this major change.”
  • “There are different world views and that is part of life. I may not have the perfect answer. But I do feel the way I do and will continue to stand firm in what I shared here,” the surfing champion continued.