Transgender Activist Threatens Violence Against Woman

The altercation took place at an event in New York City.

  • A group of transgender-identifying high-end fashion models threatened female activists at a recent “Let Women Speak” event.
  • The event took place in New York City and featured female activists speaking in support of women’s rights.
  • Activist Jeanna Hoch was in attendance at the event and reported that she was spat at and shoved.
  • According to Hoch, the transgender activists were treated carefully by law enforcement despite the officers themselves being subject to abuse.
  • “They use actual violence against women and then cry crocodile tears about their incorrect interpretation of a woman’s speech. Please, run scared little boys. Stay away from us!!” Hoch wrote on Twitter after attending the rally.
  • “Those trans are everything they say. We do not want these violent men in spaces that are meant for girls and women. This is happening all across women. They treat us, and sometimes events have to be canceled,” she told Fox News.
  • Transgender-identifying individuals have become more prevalent in a number of circles, including in state legislature, as American Faith previously reported.
  • James Roesener is the first biological woman who openly identifies as a man to be elected to a state legislature, according to the political action committee ‘LGBTQ Victory Fund.’
  • There are currently eight openly transgender state lawmakers in the country, all of whom are biological men who identify as women.