Trans Teen Dies From Vaginoplasty Surgery Complications During Research Study

An 18-year-old transgender, biological male passed away due to complications with a “neo-vagina” surgery during a Dutch study aiming to support child sex changes.

The surgery, using his own colon tissue, resulted in fatal necrotizing fasciitis.

The teen appeared to have had a strain of E-Coli that came from his intestines, such as his colon, and developed septic shock.

Colon tissue was used during the vaginoplasty as there was not enough tissue from the teen’s penis to complete the surgery.

The teen received puberty blockers at a younger age, resulting in underdeveloped penile tissue.

Reporting from The Daily Wire:

The 2014 study purports to have found that puberty suppression, followed by cross-sex hormones and gender reassignment surgery, provides gender dysphoric youth “the opportunity to develop into well-functioning young adults.”


Dr. Michael Biggs, a sociologist who has been a prominent voice against the “Dutch protocol” that pushes medical transition for children, spoke about the teen’s death in a recent interview.

“Instead of using the penile tissue, they will have to use some of your colon,” Biggs said. “Now of course, that means opening up your intestines, and that’s obviously much much much riskier because then you have a different site and of course, intestines are also messy.”