Trans Group Calls for Aretha Franklin Song ‘Natural Woman’ to Be ‘Removed from Spotify & Apple Music’

Aretha Franklin’s 1967 single, “Natural Woman,” has been met with criticism from the Norway-based Trans Cultural Mindfulness Alliance (TCMA), who have requested that the song be “removed from Spotify & Apple Music.”

The group claimed Franklin’s song “perpetuates multiple harmful anti-trans stereotypes” and has even “helped inspire acts of harm against transgender women.”

The TCMA made the claim in its first-ever social media post, in which the group went on to say that “there is no such thing as a ‘natural’ woman.”

The post has been seen by over 300,000 people, though responses have been mostly negative, with less than 100 likes as of Monday, according to The Daily Mail.

The emotional love ballad is widely seen as a positive message in regard to women and femininity in general.

It has also been noted that the organization incorrectly listed the song’s release date as 1968, when in fact it was released in Sep 1967.