Top Oversight Republican Urges FBI Director to Investigate Hunter Biden’s CCP-Linked Business Partner

Representative James Comer of the Republican Oversight Committee has implored FBI Director Christopher Wray to launch an investigation into Hunter Biden’s practices with his business partner JiaQui Bao. The associate previously assisted the Biden family in working with a Chinese energy firm that gave the Bidens a $5 million-dollar interest-free loan.

From Just the News:

Media reports and documents reviewed by Republicans on the Oversight committee show that Bao and Biden had a relationship that "extended beyond professional obligations – a common tactic employed by Chinese intelligence agents," Comer said Wednesday.

Messages from Bao show that in late 2018 she urged Biden to have his father, now President Joe Biden, run for the Oval Office. He announced his campaign several months later. 

"The FBI’s lack of interest in Biden family dealings is troubling" Comer also said. "The national security threat of an [foreign intelligence service] gaining access to a presidential family’s sensitive information is too great to ignore."