Top 5 toxins Americans are ingesting right now, leading to unnecessary suffering and early deaths

To ingest is to swallow or absorb food or chemicals into the body. Daily, we ingest hundreds, if not thousands, of substances that the body does not want, need or use at all, so our cleansing organs must differentiate and properly dispose of the waste. But there’s a problem. Most Americans completely and utterly OVERLOAD their system with toxins, including heavy metals, pesticides, lab-mutated viruses, genetically modified bacteria, chemical cleansing agents and synthetic “medications” that overwhelm our filtering organs.

Top 5 toxins Americans are ingesting right now, leading to misery and premature expiration

#1. Covid-19 vaccines

#2. CDC advice

#3. Canola oil and other GMOs

#4. Fluoride

#5. Prescription medications

From everything you put on your skin, to everything you breathe in at your home and office, right on down to vaccines you get jabbed into your muscle tissue, your body is ingesting and absorbing too much poison. It’s time to cleanse. Cleanse of these chemical-laden foods. Cleanse of these chemical-laden “medicines.” Say no to gene-manipulating, blood-clotting vaccines. These vaccines are dangerous. Period.

Case in point: An Oracle engineer who designed the CDC’s Covid tracking system supposedly died from Covid just 2 months after getting his Covid-19 vaccine, which would prove the vaccine doesn’t work. But what if he died from the vaccine, and not Covid? Has anyone thought about that yet? After all, MSM and the Vaccine Industrial Complex would surely lie if that is the case. They are in bed together and control all of the Covid-19 media messages and legislation coming out.

That’s exactly why the CDC’s advice is considered toxic. Americans who watch fake news networks and read fake news websites are conned into believing it’s viable “medicine” and “treatment” to get vaccinated or dosed up with chemotherapy. They believe it’s their only choice, since all these doctors slinging it went to medical school for 8 years to “study” it all. That doesn’t prove it works or is sustainable, now does it? Big Pharma OWNS the media and dictates exactly what is said by all, from the top national networks on down to the bloody little lying newspapers. Shills and more shills. They even unduly influence the medical schools.

Science is now proving that the Covid-19 mRNA and viral vector vaccines are causing blood clots in the brain, lungs and other vital organs. The CDC is dead wrong and they know it, but they push the propaganda and the fear-based inoculations (not science-based) like there’s no tomorrow trying to get  people jabbed with lab-mutated genes. The CDC is turning covid vaccine victims into toxin-creating machines that can’t dispose of the waste (proteins and prions that clog the blood). Ever heard of a “gene gun” before? Getting the Covid vaccine is like playing Russian Roulette.

Canola oil is the devil of foods, because it’s not food at all

There IS NO canola plant, folks. It just doesn’t exist. It’s rapeseed oil, renamed, and with less acid-based insecticide. Plus, canola oil congeals and coagulates in your blood, causing immediate weight gain, memory loss, and increased heart work. You’ll find canola in almost all processed foods because it never spoils, so they mix it into salad dressings, cakes, chips, cookies, frozen prepped meals, and the list goes on forever. Check every label and NEVER buy or eat canola oil.