Top 10 Cities Americans Are Most Desperate to Escape Are Democrat-Led

New research from real estate brokerage Redfin shows that Americans are moving away from 10 major metropolitan areas.

Did you have any doubt they were going to be Democrat-dominated cities?

The July report paints a picture of the directions Americans are seeking to move in, and it doesn’t look pretty for urban centers with left-leaning local governments and Democratic state governments.

San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York take the cake for the most outbound migration facilitated through Redfin.

Washington, Seattle, Boston, Detroit, Denver, Chicago and Minneapolis round out the top 10. (Chicago and Minneapolis have nominally nonpartisan mayoral elections, but their mayors have strong associations with the Democratic Party.)

The 10 states in which Redfin users were most likely to buy a home have more diverse political climates.

Some mayors of cities that took a top 10 spot for inbound migration identify as independents, while others are Democrats.

A majority of the inbound migration leaders are located in states with Republican governments, however. Two are in Texas, four are in Florida, and one is in Arizona.

The political climate is far from the only factor spurring Americans out of Democrat-dominated urban areas into red states.

Redfin cited unaffordable housing prices as a prime driver of internal migration trends in its report.

Increasing mortgage rates also have driven Americans to look for property in more affordable areas.

Several of the metro areas suffering from outbound migration have become known for homelessness, crime and urban blight.

Some of the outbound migration “winners” embraced the dangerous “defund the police” experiment in 2020.

Many of the cities losing their residents also employed some of the most draconian coronavirus policies in the country. One example is Los Angeles.

Los Angeles County is set to reimplement an indoor mask mandate, the Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday.

Redfin’s report also pointed to the likeliness of a cooling housing market as inflation wreaks havoc on the American economy.

Federal Reserve interest rate hikes are likely to slow house purchases, eventually lowering prices.

Reporting from The Western Journal.