To serve the cult of COVID fascism, feds criminally charge chiropractor who marketed lifesaving vitamin D and zinc

The government is not only working with Big Pharma, the media, and Big Tech to censor any lifesaving treatment and medical advice, it is now criminalizing doctors who seek to strengthen the immune systems of their patients. It started with hydroxychloroquine, then continued with ivermectin. Now the government is going after doctors for promoting vitamin D and zinc, two of the most wondrous natural supplements that have proven critical to bolstering one’s immune system from serious COVID-19 symptoms.

At a time when the doctors in government and Big Pharma are misleading the public — often with deadly results — about the efficacy of lockdowns, masks, experimental mRNA, and expensive, ineffective treatments like Remdesivir, a Missouri doctor has been charged for marketing a cocktail of vitamin D and zinc as treatment against the virus.

According to KHOU-TV1, Eric Nepute and his company, Quickwork LLC, are facing 10 counts in federal court of violating the “COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act.” The Federal Trade Commission contends that this act grants it authority to make a determination that the Missouri chiropractor, who owns several Nepute Wellness Center locations in St. Louis County, “baselessly” claimed his product works against COVID at least as well as the vaccines.