Tim Scott’s Presidential Campaign May Be Affected by His Response to Pandemic Policies, Masks

Senator Tim Scott’s (R-SC) 2024 presidential campaign may be affected by his previous COVID-19 responses.

During the pandemic, Scott supported mask-wearing and vaccinations.

“The next 30 days will decide whether or not kids go back to school – K thru 12 and college. It also will decide whether or not we will have football in the fall. … Please, whatever you do, wear a mask,” Scott said summer of 2020. “If you’re out in public, wear a mask. If you don’t do it because you’re trying to be responsible, then wear a mask because you want college football.”

Scott also supported Dr. Anthony Fauci, saying, “I’m very thankful for folks like … Dr. Fauci and many others for your dedication 24/7.”

He added, “Without any question, our nation is safer because of your hard work.”

Reporting from Just the News:

Still, roughly two years later, Scott called for the Department of Health and Human Services inspector general to audit President Biden’s $10 billion vaccine public education campaign. 

Scott, along with several other Republican senators, wrote in a letter to the inspector general that in part stated: "It is incredible that HHS and the Biden administration would partner with partisan political organizations and Democrat-affiliated campaign consultants on a $10 billion, taxpayer-funded vaccine-confidence, public-education campaign, ostensibly intended to appeal to all Americans."