Three IDF Soldiers Killed By Hamas Rockets at Entry Port for Aid into Gaza

Three Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers were reportedly killed after Hamas fired rockets toward the Kerem Shalom border, which is used as the entry point for humanitarian aid into Gaza, from the city of Rafah.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the terrorist organization claimed responsibility for firing 14 rockets on Sunday, leaving three IDF soldiers dead and at least 10 people injured.

“The three slain soldiers were identified as St.-Sgt. Ruben Marc Mordechai Assouline, 19, from Ra’anana; St.-Sgt. Ido Testa, 19, from Jerusalem; and St.-Sgt. Tal Shavit, 21, from Kfar Giladi. Assouline and Testa served in the Shaked Battalion in the Givati Brigade. Shavit served in the 931st Battalion in the Nahal Brigade,” the outlet reported.

“Soroka Medical Center stated that it received 10 people wounded in the attack, including three in serious condition, two in moderate condition, and five in light condition.”

The Kerem Shalom border crossing was allegedly reopened in order for humanitarian aid to reach the people of Gaza after President Biden and his administration urged Israel to reopen it.

“Earlier today (Sunday), approximately 10 projectiles were fired from the area adjacent to the Rafah Crossing toward the area of Kerem Shalom. Shortly after, IAF fighter jets struck the launcher from which the projectiles were fired,” the IDF said in a statement.

“In addition, IAF fighter jets struck a military structure located in the area of the launcher. The launches carried out by Hamas adjacent to the Rafah Crossing, located approximately 350 meter from civilian shelters, are a clear example of the terrorist organization’s systematic exploitation of humanitarian facilities and spaces, and their continued use of the Gazan civilian population as human shields.”