Thousands of Chinese Nationals Illegally Cross Border in Just Months

Tens of thousands of Chinese nationals have crossed the southern U.S. border from Mexico over the past few months.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol data, the U.S. would typically only see around 1,500 Chinese nationals in one year over the previous decade, but have seen 31,000 in just 11 months.

“This is not normal. Our country is being invaded,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis posted to X last month. “We cannot afford to take half measures or make excuses on this issue. We must stop the invasion, take the fight to the cartels, and finally build the border wall. As your Commander-in-Chief, I will get it done.”

Most are reportedly coming to the U.S. claiming that they want to escape communist China.

From The Daily Wire:

China has played a key role in America’s open border crisis, namely by providing much of the supplies to make the fentanyl that is flowing over our border. 

“From what we understand, a lot of the supplies and chemical supplies, and sort of the raw materials that you need to create in fentanyl, a lot of them come from, from China and they enter from China to Mexico,” Dr. Pablo Calderón Martínez, author and assistant professor of politics and international relations at Northeastern University-London, told The Daily Wire last year. “And then fentanyl is prepared in Mexico in clandestine labs, and then is moved from Mexico from other parts in Latin America to the United States. And, and that’s more or less the supply chain as we understand it.”