‘This Isn’t a Game’: Biden Slams GOP Governors as RNC Threatens to Sue White House Over Vax Mandates

The president earlier signed executive orders mandating that all federal workers get vaccinated if they want to keep their jobs. Another order signed by the president requires private federal contractors and sub-contractors to vaccinate their employees as well, with an additional mandate reported to be still in the works. 

US President Joe Biden has lambasted the Republican governors and politicians who criticized his recent introduction of vaccination mandates and who have vowed to challenge them in court. POTUS dared them to “have at it”, apparently ready to fight in defense of the policy, which is part of a broader White House strategy to combat surging COVID-19 cases.

“I am so disappointed. Particularly, some Republican governors have been so cavalier with the health of these kids, so cavalier with the health of our communities. This isn’t a game.

Joe BidenUS President Biden went on to justify the mandates by claiming that a majority of Americans support mass vaccination and added that the move to make them compulsory for the overwhelming amount of US citizens was “hard but necessary”.

Republicans Criticise Biden’s Vaccination Move, Threaten With Lawsuit

The president thus responded to numerous critical voices from the GOP, with many of them condemning the vaccination mandates as illegal and unconstitutional. “Joe Biden told Americans when he was elected that he would not impose vaccine mandates. He lied. Now small businesses, workers, and families across the country will pay the price”, RNC chair Ronna McDaniel, who describes herself as “pro-vaccine and anti-mandate”, said.Republican National Committee’s (RNC) head Ronna McDaniel followed up on her statement, announcing that the RNC plans to sue Biden over the vaccination mandates, citing the impact it might have on the private sector.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp said he would explore “every legal option available” in order to strike down the vaccine mandates, while Arizona Governor Doug Ducey said the move was a sign of a “dictatorial approach” on the part of Biden and that the mandate was “wrong” and “un-American”.

Many Republicans took issue with Biden’s words about vaccination no longer being “about freedom, or personal choice”, but about “protecting yourself and those around you”. A spokeswoman for the Florida governor, Christina Pushaw, said that the remark was “the most disturbing thing I’ve ever heard a politician say”. GOP Senator Ted Cruz, in turn, accused Biden of ignoring science and attacking Americans’ right to privacy.

In his 9 September address, President Joe Biden stated that enough time and evidence of vaccine safety had been given for people to vaccinate voluntarily. POTUS noted that vaccinated Americans had been “patient” enough and that the refusal of others to get jabs has “cost all of us”. Biden thus issued two executive orders that mandated federal workers, contractors and sub-contractors to vaccinate against COVID-19 without an alternative of routine weekly testing. The president also revealed that another order was still in the works to mandate all businesses with over 100 employees to either vaccinate them or demand that they present the results of the COVID-19 test weekly.