‘They are devouring our sons’: Moms of gender-confused boys unite, detail their anguish

Shattered mothers are raising the alarm about how transgender ideology is ravaging their troubled teenage and young adult sons who are caught in the jaws of a gender identity crisis. 

Some of their boys are now taking cross-sex hormones, like estrogen and spironolactone, and are on the path to losing their fertility as they put themselves at significant risk of a variety of diseases and medical complications.

Nine mothers whom The Christian Post interviewed in February spoke on condition of anonymity, many out of fear that if their identities are revealed state social services agencies might remove their children from their custody. 

Names, locations and identifying details in this report have been changed to ensure their anonymity. Many of their sons are highly intelligent and academically gifted, while others are on the autism spectrum or have mental health challenges like ADHD. 

The politically and religiously diverse group of mothers, who hail from everywhere in between the deep-blue San Francisco Bay area to the ruby-red deep South, stress that all they’re trying to do is help their sons overcome their distress. But they have few places to turn.