The ‘Young Global Leaders’ of the World Economic Forum

The “Young Global Leaders” program trains individuals through a multi-year seminar to adopt a World Economic Forum worldview. Many politicians, entrepreneurs, media commentators, actors, and Big Tech leaders graduated from the program, which has trained more than 1,400 individuals for its agenda, although some graduates seem opposed to its ideals. Prominent anti-globalists such as Viktor Orban, Hungarian PM, is an alumnus of the program, Trump is a contributor, and Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli PM, and former president of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro are listed as WEF members. When asked about his involvement with the WEF’s Young Global Leaders, Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw denied his affiliation and described it as being more like an “editorial list,” where his name was listed without his knowing. Crenshaw’s statement is contrary to the WEF’s own description of the program as well as pictures proving the seminar-type training.

From Human Events:

WEF doesn’t discriminate based on party – it recruits politicians from both sides. This is especially true in the United States. Dan Crenshaw, Gavin Newsom, Adam Kinzinger, Pete Buttigieg, Nikki Haley, Tulsi Gabbard, Texas Congressman Colin Allred, and Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego are all YGLs. If you recognize any relatively young politicians from other nations, chances are they are also YGLs.


Unsurprisingly, the WEF also has its hand in media. Some of the most recognizable commentators of the last few decades are YGL alumni. George Stephanopoulos, Anderson Cooper, Van Jones, Andrew Ross Sorkin, Bret Stephens, Ian Bremmer, Maria Bartiromo, Sanjay Gupta and Leana Wen are all YGLs.

One may be inclined to think that the WEF recruits these individuals because they are prominent members of the media. Well, Stephanopoulos (Class of ’93), Van Jones (Class of ‘05) and Leana Wen (Class of ‘18) all completed the YGL program years before they became commentators. Wen, for example, was recruited to be a YGL because of her role as a “Professor of Health Policy.” And then it just so happened that when CNN needed a token Covid expert, it chose Wen out of all the health policy academics in the country.


This may surprise some, but even Elon Musk is a YGL, and another PayPal co-founder, Peter Thiel – who’s also on the steering committee of the Bilderberg group – is also a YGL. Thiel recently co-founded Strive Asset Management – an anti-ESG fund provider aimed at becoming the non-woke alternative to BlackRock – with “Woke, Inc.” author Vivek Ramaswamy. Well, Ramaswamy, a very vocal opponent of ESG, is also a YGL.

Musk, Thiel and Ramaswamy are arguably the three most influential and outspoken anti-woke, anti-globalist businessmen on the planet. Yet, all three are YGLs and just so happen to also be business partners with each other. I’m not sure what to make of that strange fact (perhaps their public opposition to the WEF agenda is in part informed by their inside exposure to it?). Whatever the reason, their connection to the WEF shouldn’t be ignored – we should be able to recognize and appreciate some of the good work they are doing while reserving some skepticism given their history.