The Vindictive Prosecution of Donald Trump Is Based in Democrats’ Hatred of His Supporters

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The burning need of the Democrat establishment and their cronies in media to prosecute Donald Trump for the crime of becoming President has reached a fever pitch this week. And it’s not just Trump they hate, but anyone who supports him.

New York City District Attorney Alvin Bragg appears to have plans to indict the 2024 presidential contender for what are literally trumped up charges. And Trump anticipates being arrested on Tuesday.

Bragg is elevating a misdemeanor charge of “falsely accounting” for payments made to Trump’s 2016 attorney to a felony. It appears that Bragg’s goal is to prove that Trump planned to commit a second crime, election fraud, as those payments represent an illegal campaign contribution.

The left has been seeing red ever since Trump won the 2016 election, beating out Hillary Clinton in a contest that everyone believed she was likely to win. In fact, Democrats were glad to be facing Trump, they fully believed that there was no way Hillary could lose.

The shock and dismay felt by Democrats, who were stunned that after four years of an Obama White House the populace would veer conservative, quickly turned to anger and a need for revenge. The day after the election in 2016, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Pundits went on CNN with glasses of wine and tears in a modern day rending of garments.

Then as the tears dried, the anger set it, wrapping around the hearts of the progressive coastal elites like a vice. A new mantra emerged: RESIST! Only they were not resisting any specific policies, instead they were just resisting the man himself, and his supporters. They still are.

They used the rules of Me Too and cancel culture to go after people for wearing Make America Great Again hats, they told young people to cut Trump-supporting family members out of their lives, and they made cruel, divisive remarks about the 70 million Americans who voted for his leadership.

The smears levied at Trump and his supporters during the 2016 election, that he was racist, sexist, homophobic, and whatever else, and that Trump voters were “deplorables,” had done nothing to dissuade those voters. But those smears did stick as part of the media and progressive narrative opposing Trump.

Despite the fact that he kept the United States out of wars, did not start new wars, secured the border, backed free speech and the bill of rights, and gave states the option of how to handle pandemic preparedness, not making massive decrees from the Oval Office, progressives have retained their view that he is some sort of evil man.

This coming indictment from Alvin Bragg, the Soros-backed District Attorney for the City of New York, is the last and cheapest phase of a full-scale prosecution by Democrats to find something, anything, to pin on Donald Trump.

It’s likely that the felony charges brought by Bragg will be thrown out, as the claim that the pay-out to Stormy Daniels is simply the basis for further crimes is spurious, at best. But a conviction is not even what Bragg is looking for.

Bragg just wants to see Trump in hand cuffs.

Trump announced on Saturday morning that he expected to be arrested on Tuesday. Fox News reported on Friday that law enforcement in Manhattan are working with the Secret Service to figure out how to bring Trump into custody to face the absurd charges. While the Secret Service likely wants to avoid a circus, a circus is exactly what Bragg and his Democrat cronies would like to see.

They want the image of Trump entering into police custody, they want to feel the power of finally having the former president where they can prosecute him. And everyone knows it.

Just a glance at the charges show that these are not serious allegations. Instead they are Alivin Bragg’s fever dream, his fantasy, that he alone can succeed where the January 6 Committee, two impeachment hearings, NY AG Letitia James, and so many others have failed.

They hate that he was president. They hate that he’s running again. They hate that his supporters still back him. But most of all, they hate that he makes them and their anger look foolish, they hate that he has bested them time and time again.

But that’s exactly what many are predicting will happen in the face of this absurd indictment. It’s clear to anyone with eyes and a brain that Bragg’s plan is a fool’s errand. Bragg wants to weaken Trump and take him down, but instead this gives him a boost.

This obviously political prosecution shows the lie of the past seven years. They hate Trump, they hate his supporters, and they will do anything—even fabricate absurd indictments, just like they fabricated absurd impeachment charges based on lies—to eradicate his vision, and his supporters’ interests, from American public life.

Reporting from Human Events.