‘The View’ Formally Apologizes to TPUSA for ‘Nazi’ Smear

The far-left daytime talk show “The View” may have gained another co-host over the last few days after former Mike Pence staffer Alyssa Farrah completed her grift for the job. But the show almost gained a lawsuit as well.

The backstory involves a series of delusional rants made by Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar on Monday regarding the recent TPUSA summit in Florida. In an attempt to trash Gov. Ron DeSantis, the two hosts claimed that TPUSA had let “nazis” into their conference and tried to draw a line between them and the Florida governor.

That was, of course, completely false, and was known to be false at the time. In fact, RedState’s own Brandon Morse was on the ground and filmed himself mocking the “nazis.” There was no support for them there, and TPUSA had no connection to the group.

Following a commercial break on Monday’s show, “The View” had one of its hosts, Sarah Haines, read two corrections on the matter. Still, Goldberg, never being the brightest bulb in the drawer, persisted in accusing TPUSA of “welcoming” nazis. That led to a cease and desist order being issued on Tuesday, and it seems “The View” finally got the message.

On Wednesday, Haines once again was tasked with bending the knee, this time to deliver a formal and direct apology for the show’s behavior.

Never has a more insincere apology been given. You know that Goldberg is just off camera rolling her eyes. Heck, given she was the one who made the defamatory statements, why not make her read the apology? The answer is because she’s not sorry and neither are the rest of the people at the table. This was a move forced on the hosts by the network’s lawyers, most of whom were probably freaking out at the prospect of a major lawsuit.

That lack of care is illustrated by the fact that Farrah immediately quips that “they still invited Matt Gaetz, though, I would just like to note.” So is Gaetz a “nazi” now? That seems like a rather wild charge to make after just being forced to make an on-air apology. These loons couldn’t go even a single second without essentially doubling down on their smears. There’s no fear there, and there won’t be until they pay a monetary price.

I guess the question now is whether TPUSA should still look at filing a lawsuit. No doubt, there’s a groundswell of support to do so online, and I’d personally love to see it. “The View” did formally apologize in response to a cease and desist request, though, so that probably puts this episode to bed. Regardless, if I were TPUSA, I’d be watching these hosts like a hawk from here on out, and I wouldn’t even bother with a cease and desist letter the next go around.