‘The View’ Derails As Meghan McCain And Joy Behar Go To War Over Vaccine Guidelines – ‘It Violates My Civil Rights’

“The View” went off the rails once again on Friday as cohosts Meghan McCain and Joy Behar argued over COVID-19 vaccine guidelines.

In a segment discussing the new CDC guidelines on masks for vaccinated people, McCain brought up the issue of civil liberties, warning her co-hosts of the “slippery slope” if the U.S. begins to “mandate that you have to get this vaccination.” Some of the liberal cohosts supported the idea of Americans being forced to provide proof of vaccination before entering various establishments and businesses.

“They should require that you show proof of vaccination,” Behar said. “If I’m going into a theater or I’m going into a restaurant or I’m going to a museum, I want to make sure everybody who is in there is vaccinated. I don’t see what the big deal is that people can’t prove [that].”