The Reaction to Giorgia Meloni Makes Everything Clear

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Perhaps the biggest lie told in the last 100 years on this planet is the one about fascism. Specifically, that fascism is a “far-right” phenomenon.

It’s never been a particularly convincing lie. Not when all of the self-avowed fascists who took power in the 20th century in places like Italy and Germany were quite outspoken in their belief that they were men of the left.

Benito Mussolini, who invented fascism, was an avowed socialist. Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party in Germany, the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, translated to the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

The fascists believed in Big Government. They believed in the biggest government possible without destroying the nation-state in favor of a global commune. That, in fact, was the great breaking point that cleaved fascist socialists from communist socialists — the fascists were national socialists and the communists were international socialists.

And fascists and communists fought each other in the streets. Not because the far-right was fighting the far-left — because the two factions of the far-left were battling to control that patch of turf.

In places other than Germany and Italy and the countries which fell outside of the Soviet Union’s sphere, the far-left didn’t take over. The center, or the center-right, held sway. Anti-Marxists held sway.

Why this lie? Because it wouldn’t do any good for the Left to have to answer for the mass casualties of communism without smearing the Right with something. So the fascists became a far-right phenomenon when the true far-right resides in Austrian economics and the Objectivist chat rooms where the debate is over whether there should be any government at all.

Anyone who knows anything about politics gets this. So many who know about politics nevertheless engage in the lie because it’s useful.

And the people who run America currently are the most brazen liars in the world, or at least this side of China.

Those lies are fraying because of course they are. The problem with lies is they’re easy to tell but hard to sustain. The world isn’t friendly to lies.

And in this country, with the era of political consensus that began around the time of World War II coming apart, the international socialists (go ahead and call them neocommunists; you won’t be wrong) who control our institutions recognize the truth of something I talk about in my book The Revivalist Manifesto.

Namely, that the future belongs either to the ultra-woke commie crowd, the AOCs and Klaus Schwabs of the world who assure you that you’ll own nothing and be happy about it by 2030, or the “ultra-MAGA” revivalists who want to preserve and restore the nation-state along the lines of its original development: the Judeo-Christian moral and ethical structure that built Western civilization, the principles of God-given individual freedom, free enterprise, and a limited government whose job is to protect the above.

When the choice is presented to people in true terms, the neocommunists don’t fare very well. Perhaps the first true thing Jen Psaki has said popped out over the weekend: she said that if the midterms are a referendum on Team Biden’s governance, the Democrats will lose; if they’re a referendum on “extremism,” they win. What that means is they’ve got to perpetuate and extend this great lie that the fascists are on the right, or else they’re going to lose not just this fall.

They’re going to lose the future.

They’ll lose it to people like Giorgia Meloni, who just was elected the prime minister of Italy.

You probably don’t know much about Giorgia Meloni, but this is really all you need to know…

Meloni’s party has been centering its message around “God, homeland and family,” and that resonated with Italians who have seen their country sold lock, stock, and barrel to China — something which paid an ugly reward when Milan turned into Ground Zero of the European branch of the COVID pandemic — and the globalist crowd take axes to the traditional Italian identity.

The D.C. smart set has commenced screeching and fearmongering about Meloni — who’s so radical that she’s a member of the Aspen Institute. Here’s what CBS News put on YouTube following Meloni’s victory:

Yep, fascism. If you want to promote a traditional family rather than the queer and trans agenda, you’re a fascist.

If you’re for preserving the nation-state, including tasking the government to maintain and secure its borders and to control immigration, you’re a fascist.

If you’re for an economy not dominated by politically connected multinational corporations and global finance, you’re a fascist. Even though the history of fascism shows it directly requires government collusion with big business and Mussolini’s fascist party explicitly said the essence of fascist economic policy was corporatism, which Meloni specifically rejects, you’re a fascist.

Why does this matter? Because this is precisely what’s at stake in November in this country.

Psaki said it. Democrats have to turn all the Republicans —Herschel Walker, Tiffany Smiley, Don Bolduc, Joe Kent, Blake Masters, J.D. Vance, Lee Zeldin, and all the rest — into Giorgia Melonis and Benito Mussolinis. They’ve got to sell this fascist conspiracy nonsense wrapped up in a veil of terror.

“Ultra-MAGA” and “semi-fascist” and “a threat to Our Democracy.”

“Our Democracy,” by the way, is a code word for all the things Meloni is talking about in her speech. It’s another one of these Orwellian terms — it means forcing critical race theory, intersectionalism, transgenderism, global woke dictatorship, international ESG finance, corporate oligopoly, political weaponization of law enforcement to suppress dissent and opposition, climate alarmism, and the Great Reset down our throats. 

All of the things which poll about as well as scabies and the Rings of Power. Team Biden and the Democrats can’t sell any of that. Like Psaki said, if those things are on the ballot, which in a referendum on Team Biden they would be, the red wave will come and submerge their entire project.

So it has to be “fascism.” And if what comes out of the mouth of Giorgia Meloni, the 45-year-old single mom who’d be lauded as the #GirlBoss tutti i tempi fantastica if her politics mirrored those of Liz Warren, resonates with you, that makes you Literally Hitler as well.

And all stops will be yanked out of place to sell this narrative. For example, here is the Mostly Satanic Hillary Clinton…

“Arms raised”?

At Trump rallies over the past couple of weeks, people have taken to pointing upward. That’s said to be a QAnon salute; it’s not exactly clear because the effect looks an awful lot like what you see at an evangelical church when prayers are offered.

So there’s an insult offered to Christians — on top of an injury.

And there is a lot of injury out there. For example, just look at what the FBI did to Mark Houck. He’s a Catholic activist who does sidewalk counseling in front of abortion clinics, and for that, he got a SWAT raid over the weekend. Because saving the unborn is a threat to “Our Democracy” and a sign of fascism.

If you’re just now noticing this, pay attention. It will get a lot louder and a lot more obnoxious. The marching orders have been given and the stomping of neocommunist feet is more and more rhythmic.

By November, it’ll be all you hear.

Will it work? It shouldn’t. But it’s all they have, so they will beat the entire country over the head with it until we’re bloody and unconscious.

Just remember that the people they’re calling fascist are for small government, small business, God, country, and family. If that sounds like fascism to you, you’re part of the problem.

This article originally appeared in The American Spectator.