The Left Will Not Let Go of COVID

It’s far too useful for their agenda.

COVID’s grip on America is relaxing, not so the Left’s. The Left seized COVID as an unprecedented statist opportunity to advance their agenda. Unsurprisingly, they now resist relinquishing it. Since the Left refuse to let go of America, America must let go of the Left.

Last week the CDC relaxed its guidelines for outdoor mask-wearing by those fully vaccinated against COVID. It was more a rearguard action than a vanguard one, but at least it was a start. Several states are well ahead in their return to normalcy.

America’s virus statistics demonstrate the remission of the virus and validate accelerating relaxation of the lockdowns. On a seven-day moving average, active cases, daily new cases, and daily deaths have been plummeting since the beginning of the year.
On the ledger’s other side, vaccinations began in the U.S. in December, averaging over two million a day since February; as a result, around 31 percent of the population is now fully vaccinated at this writing.

Beyond just the statistics, we have long known who the most vulnerable are — the elderly and those with preexisting conditions — and who are not: children. This understanding and the response to it have led to the U.S.’s overall 98 percent survival rate, which is far higher in the least vulnerable. Despite this, the lockdowns have overwhelmingly taken a one-size-fits-none approach, and nowhere more than in school closings. As of the end of April, only 14 states required in-person instruction with plentiful conditions (for all or some grades and either full or part time).

All evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, the Left have little interest in relaxing their COVID power grab. Only eight states have lifted restrictions. Oregon is considering extending its mask and social distancing mandates on businesses indefinitely.