The Great (Re)-awakening Of America First Is Here

On January 6, 2021, hundreds of thousands of supporters of President Donald J. Trump came to Washington, DC to rally in support of the President.

Those hundreds of thousands who came to DC represented the 75-plus million Americans who voted to re-elect President Trump.

I was lucky enough to be handling the press that day for the organization who sponsored the rally – Women for America First. I stood just feet from the stage and watched as President Trump spoke to the patriotic Americans in attendance.

The event was entirely peaceful – not a single incident of violence – Hell, despite being crammed into the ellipse like sardines, people didn’t even push or shove as the crowd slowly exited after the President’s speech.

As the hundreds of thousands of patriotic and peaceful Americans left the Ellipse, a few miles away a couple hundred of idiots unlawfully entered the Capitol Building.