The Buffalo Speech Biden Should Have Given: ‘My Fellow Americans, This Is a Fundamentally Decent Society’

Dennis Prager denounces the remarks Biden delivered in the wake of the Buffalo shooting and offers a truthful alternative.

Hello, my friends, Dennis Prager with you. I want to invite you to an alternate America, one governed by a president who loved this country, his country, who was basically a decent human being and who thought before opening his mouth, “How can I do good for America”? As opposed to only thinking, “How can I harm the country for the sake of my party?” Because the worse things are in America, the better things are for Democrats. The left lives on more and more Americans thinking ill of their country.

So, this America that I’m inviting you to has a president who would’ve gone to Buffalo and said essentially as follows:

“My fellow Americans, this is a fundamentally decent society. This sick young man represented an infinitesimally small part of our population. Sick people who believe in sick ideas are to be found in every corner of political life. It has always been so and tragically will always be so. But fundamentally, this is a country that has phenomenally, successfully, uniquely, successfully passed the test of the most multiracial, multireligious, multicultural, multinational country in the history of the world. And to say otherwise is to smear the greatest experiment in human diversity that has ever been engaged in. To my fellow Americans who are black Americans, this man represents such an infinitesimally small segment of the white population. It is important that you know that. It was as if those people in that supermarket were struck by lightning. These things are exceedingly rare in the United States.”

We have a thug for a president.

Okay? He’s a thug. You know, I’ve never called a president a bad name in my 40 years of broadcasting. We have a thug for president. He’s always been a thug. He’s the most corrupt president in American history. He’s the most dishonest. He makes Donald Trump look like Honest Abe. For Donald Trump, America was sacred. For Joe Biden, America’s a doormat.

That’s just the way it is, whatever you think of the personality of Donald Trump. The hate-filled speech that this president gave is unique in American history, except for all the other speeches Joe Biden has given on the subject. There has never been a president who so crapped on his own country, who so divided his people as Joe Biden.

Tell me a speech in which Donald Trump divided Americans the way Joe Biden does. Give me the actual speech. If you want to continue to believe that he said that there are fine Nazis, there is nothing I can do. It’s because you want to believe a lie. We have a great video at PragerU on the subject. If you watch it and still think that he thinks Nazis are fine people, it is because you want to believe it. And when reason and evidence do not suffice, there’s nothing one can do. That’s when I finally end conversations with those I differ with on the air, when I’ve concluded that reason and evidence are useless. So, I politely say goodbye. And that’s it.

The only thing that people share is reason and evidence. If the laws of reason, logic, evidence are suspended, then dialogue is absolutely 100 percent useless.

I don’t know how history will judge Joe Biden because we may have such a left-wing future that he will be regarded highly by the people who loathe this country and the West in general. But if we turn the country around, he will be regarded as the demagogue that he was, that he is.

I cannot think of a parallel sin committed by an American president in my study of American history as to what this thug, this anti-American, self-preoccupied narcissist said in Buffalo. Do you realize the harm that this man wished to do? To convey the lie that white supremacy is a big deal in this country? That’s what he tells people? Not that there was a sick kid who had just been committed to a psychiatric ward and they let him out. Not only did they let him out, they let him buy a gun in one of the two states it’s hardest to get a gun, New York. All the laws do with regard to guns is prevent innocent people, law-abiding people, from defending themselves. But that, my dear friends, is another matter.

If you were debating whether to loathe this man and this party, yesterday should confirm the worthiness of loathing the party that I grew up in has come to.

Opinion by Denis Prager published on The Daybreak Daily, transcribed and modified for publication from the original audio program.