‘Thank You, Dr. Joe Rogan’: UFC’s Dana White Credits Rogan, Ivermectin For Rapid COVID Recovery

Almost immediately after testing positive for COVID-19, UFC President Dana White called Joe Rogan in search of treatment advice. Rogan, who has been a longtime broadcaster for the promotion, has consulted several high-profile figures regarding COVID-19 treatment.

Though far from an expert, Rogan received intense backlash from corporate media after opting for natural, long-practiced antiviral treatments. He has since been asked for advice on the topic multiple by multiple individuals, White and NFL star Aaron Rodgers.

White revealed his diagnosis on the Jim Rome podcast this past Wednesday. The UFC President then immediately contacted Rogan, who contracted the virus in late August and underwent a series of treatments that included monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, a Z-pack, prednisone, a NAD drip, and a vitamin drip.

Rogan quickly recovered and has endorsed the series of treatments that he underwent. This was met with intense backlash from corporate media, where several pundits falsely accused Rogan of using “horse de-wormer” to treat the virus.

Rogan has considered legal action over the network’s false claims and later confronted CNN’s chief medical expert Sanjay Gupta, who appeared as a guest on Rogan’s podcast.

White, who is fully vaccinated, underwent the same treatments endorsed by Rogan. He spoke to reporters regarding the treatments:

“He said get monoclonal antibodies in you as soon as possible, so I did,” White said. “I had the monoclonal antibodies in me. Then he told me to do a NAD drip. I did that right after. The next day – so Sunday at 8 o’clock at night I have no taste or smell.

I get up Tuesday getting ready to shave. Cleaning my razor, I could smell the alcohol. My taste and smell were back by the next day by 11 o’clock. Then I took a dose of ivermectin. Then yesterday I did a vitamin drip, and today I’m doing another NAD drip.”

White stressed that he was fully vaccinated. “I’m vaccinated. It’s not like I’m some crazy, anti-vax conspiracy theorist or any of that stuff,” White said. “Rogan is a very brilliant guy, a very smart guy that talks to the best and the brightest out there.”

In an interview with TMZ last Friday, White said, “I feel incredible! Today is day five since testing positive for COVID, and [Friday at 9 AM], I tested negative for COVID. Thank you, Dr. Joe Rogan.”

The UFC boss lost his sense of smell and taste but regained it within 24 hours and says that he is feeling much better.

He added that he has been working out twice a day while in isolation.