Texas voters make Lubbock a sanctuary city for the unborn, becomes largest city to outlaw abortion

Texans voted overwhelmingly to make Lubbock a “Sanctuary City for the Unborn” by outlawing abortion.

The ordinance makes Lubbock, which has a 2019 population of 229,943, the largest city to ban abortion in the country. Before Lubbock, thelargest city to pass a similar ordinance was Big Spring, Texas, which has an estimated population of 28,187, KWKT-TV reported. There are 22 smaller cities in Texas and two in Nebraska that passed “Sanctuary City for the Unborn” legislation. Lubbock is the only town with an active abortion clinic to pass the ordinance, according to KLBK-TV.

The Lubbock County Elections Office released the voting results for the Sanctuary City for the Unborn ordinance, which easily passed by a 62.46% to 37.54% margin, according to the Dallas Morning News.