Texas Sends New York Three More Busses of Illegal Immigrants

“New York City will remain a sanctuary city under an Adams administration,” the NY mayor once promised.

  • Three migrant buses arrived in New York City early Wednesday morning, following the path of the group of 50 illegal immigrants who were bussed to the same area on Aug 5, according to Fox News.
  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott began sending buses of illegal immigrants to NYC last week, protesting Joe Biden’s plan to end a pandemic-era program called ‘Remain in Mexico’ (officially, ‘Migrant Protection Protocols’), which allowed border agents to send asylum seekers at the border back to Mexico to await rulings on their claims.
  • New York City Mayor Eric Adams, before becoming mayor, told his followers, “‘We should protect our immigrants.’ Period,” on Twitter, promising, “Yes, New York City will remain a sanctuary city under an Adams administration.”
  • However, after Gov. Abbott’s move, Adams’ tone on illegal immigration shifted, even calling for federal intervention to assist with the inbound illegal immigrants and threatening to send New Yorkers to Texas to canvas for Abbott’s political opponent.
  • “I already called my friends in Texas and told them how to cast their vote, and I am deeply contemplating taking a busload of New Yorkers to go to Texas and do some good old-fashioned door-knocking because we have to for the good of America. We have to get them out of office,” Adams told the press on Tuesday.
  • NYC Mayor Adams last Sunday referred to the influx of illegal immigrants from Texas into his city as “horrific.” “This is horrific when you think about what the governor is doing, the governor of Texas, after months of traveling across the border, placing them on the bus with no direction,” he said.
  • Since mid-April, Texas has sent upward of 4,800 migrants via over 100 buses from its communities near the border such as the Rio Grande Valley, Del Rio, Uvalde, and Eagle Pass to blue-state cities such as Washington, D.C., and New York City in the Empire State, The Washington Examiner reports.
  • “Since the launch of Operation Lone Star, the multi-agency effort has led to more than 290,700 migrant apprehensions and more than 18,000 criminal arrests, with more than 15,400 felony charges reported” at the U.S.-Mexico border,” Texas Gov. Abbott said in a statement.
  • Between October 2021 and June 2022, Border Patrol logged some 2 million migrant encounters at the southern border, representing an all-time record.