Texas DPS Rescues 19 Unaccompanied Children in One Week

The Texas Department Public Safetyย rescued 19 unaccompanied children in just a 5 day period last week.

In addition, the agency has reportedly arrested 112 illegals in the same time frame.

According to reports, the illegals are from Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic.

Earlier last week, American Faith reported on a study released by the research institute Just Factsย revealedย that between 10%-27% of illegal immigrants are unlawfully registered to vote.

Up to 2.7 million non-U.S. citizens could vote in November elections.

During 2022, more than 19 million non-citizens lived in the United States, the study said.

โ€œGiven their voter registration rates, this means that about two million to five million of them are illegally registered to vote,โ€ Just Facts explained. โ€œThese figures are potentially high enough to overturn the will of the American people in major elections, including congressional seats and the presidency.โ€

The study comes as the majority of House Democrats voted against a bill prohibiting illegal immigrants from voting in Washington, D.C. local elections.

Despite the opposition from Democrats, the bill still passed 262-143.