Texas Democrats Support Chairman Who Used ‘Oreo’ Slur Against Sen. Tim Scott

A Texas county’s Democratic Party is refusing to accept the resignation of Lamar County Democratic Party Chairman Gary O’Connor, who announced he would step down after calling Sen. Tim Scott an “oreo with no real principles.”

O’Connor, who is white, made the comment in a Facebook post after the GOP senator’s rebuttal to President Biden’s address to Congress last week. 

He later apologized for using the “racist term” against the black South Carolina Republican.

“It was insensitive and I have embarrassed myself and my party by its use,” O’Connor’s statement read.

But the Lamar County Democratic Party followed up with a statement saying they wouldn’t accept his resignation. 

“On May 4, 2021, representatives of the Lamar County, Texas Democratic Party met to consider the resignation tendered by Party Chair, Gary O’Connor. Our local Democrats have taken the last few days to reflect upon this incident. After much discussion—especially among our local Black Democrats—we chose not to accept Mr. O’Connor’s resignation,” the party said in a press release, according to MyParisTexas.com.