Texas Border City Business Owner Forced to Sell Restaurant After Illegal Immigrants Break in Multiple Times

A business owner near the southern border is compelled to sell her family-run restaurant after immigrants break in countless times.

  • Selena Buentello Price, the second-generation now-former owner of The Wagon Wheel, a BBQ restaurant in Eagle Pass, Texas, is officially closing shop due to illegal immigrants breaking in on five different occasions this year.
  • “I worked alongside my father for 19 years,” Price said. “One break-in in 25 years. From February to now, I’ve had five.”
  • Price told Fox News she began setting up security cameras during early morning hours to monitor the activity around her building.
  • “I’m so scared that they’re going to steal something that was a family heirloom of mine and depreciate the value even more by rummaging through my stuff and breaking that building,” Price said.
  • The former owner also experienced migrants on her 126-acre ranch located in Eagle Pass, claiming her camera footage caught “more immigrants than I did wildlife.”
  • “Years prior to this opening of the borders, we used to see maybe five immigrants a month,” Price stated. “As soon as those borders opened… there was movement every single day.”

“Once they are processed — I literally see busloads on a daily basis — they’re just released, and they find sanctuary in anything that’s abandoned or not,” Price said. “What I had that I valued — that not only had sentimental value, but had actual monetary value — has depreciated thanks to the mess, the trash, the vandalism.”

  • In Aug. 2022, a report revealed nearly 5 million illegal immigrants had crossed the border since Biden took office in Jan. 2021.
  • “Last month alone, they caught people trying to cross the southern border illegally 234,088 times. So a quarter of a million people just last month were caught trying to cross the border. That’s the highest number in the department’s history,” Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) said this summer. “Now, if you’ve got a problem that is four times bigger than it was in the three preceding years, it’s probably time to ask what they were doing in those three preceding years that we’re not doing now.”
  • The number of illegals crossing the United States border every day will cost taxpayers over $20 billion each year, according to a new analysis by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).