Tens of Thousands of Chinese Residents Moved to COVID Isolation Facilities

An estimated 34,000 southern China city inhabitants have been moved under the pretense of COVID-19 infections.

  • Roughly 34,000 Chinese citizens have been moved from a city in southern china into isolation facilities due to COIVID-19 protocols.
  • The city of Guangzhou announced over 2,000 new COVID-19 infections were reported on Nov. 8 and that strict COVID measures were implemented in the city with a population of 19 million.
  • More than 30,000 Guangzhou locals have been relocated to isolation facilities outside of the city in hopes of avoiding an all-encompassing lockdown similar to the one that occurred in Shanghai earlier this year.
  • The Canton Fair Complex in Guangzhou, one of the biggest convention facilities in the world, officially opened as an isolation unit for patients without symptoms.
  • Chinese state-run media outlet The Paper reported earlier this week that 34,000 citizens had been transferred to isolation facilities in other cities.
  • Guangzhou, known for its manufacturing, is sometimes called the “factory floor of the world.” The production hub is reported to be the center of China’s most recent coronavirus outbreak.
  • Lockdowns and restrictions were implemented in many of Guangzhou’s neighborhoods and residents of five districts were subjected to widespread testing. 
  • The districts being tested made up more than half of the population, but the most affected district, Haizhu, was placed under lockdown until Nov. 11.
  • China has been under fire by human rights activists who are concerned the country is treating its citizens as test subjects or harvesting organs from them.
  • Medical industry experts outlined the practice of China’s forced organ harvesting at the first online summit to bring awareness to the issue, as American Faith previously reported.
  • The summit focused on forced organ harvesting taking place at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and informed the public about the practice that has gone on since 2006.
  • According to experts, China’s organ harvesting is managed by police and carried out with military involvement.