Target Launches Pro-Trans Kids Clothing 

The line includes “chest binders” and “packing underwear.

  • Target now sells pro-trans clothing and merchandise for children, according to CBS4Local‘s report. 
  • Included in the line of clothing spanning from children to adults are “chest binders” and “packing underwear” targeted at the older set of transgender-identifying buyers.
  • The clothing is part of their PRIDE line, a collaboration with TomboyX, which is a trans-targeting clothing line.
  • Sizes for the “chest binders” and “packing underwear” range from XS to 4XL, according to Target’s website, but it includes images with models who look much more like teenagers.
  • Target also sells baby onesies and bibs in their pro-LGBTQ lineup which read “my first pride,” and pink tie-dye shirts for toddlers that read “trans rights are human rights.”
  • The recent launch goes beyond gender-neutral labeling or other steps taken by some retailers by offering the kind of specialized clothing known to be used by individuals “transitioning” from one gender to another.
  • The “Chest binders” are a type of tight garment used to flatten breasts to appear more masculine, and the “packing underwear” includes padding to create the appearance of a bulge between the legs.
  • “VERY stoked to see target selling these! Great for anyone trying binding for the first time because it’s more compressing than a sports bra but less than a traditional binder,” read a product review promoted by Target on its website.
  • Target is known to be involved in the front line of pro-LGBTQ causes and has been officially involved in “Pride parades.”
  • In 2016 the company made headlines when it rolled out its gender-inclusive bathroom policy, sparking questions of safety among conservatives.