Biden Campaign Criticizes Media’s Portrayal of Trump’s Abortion Position

President Biden's 2024 campaign criticized media coverage of former President Donald Trump's stance on abortion, calling for greater accuracy in reporting during a press...

Biden Loses American Samoa to Unknown Candidate Jason Palmer

Joe Biden, although winning most of the Democratic primary contests on Super Tuesday, lost the American Samoa to Jason Palmer.

Ray Epps Receives No Jail Time for Jan. 6 Events

Ray Epps, a figure from the January 6, 2021 Capitol event, has received no jail time for his alleged involvement in the actions taken that day.

Biden Reportedly Recruits Obama to Help Craft Artificial Intelligence Strategy

According to White House aides, former President Barack Obama advised the Biden administration regarding its strategy to tackle the issue of artificial intelligence.

House Judiciary Subpoenas Citibank for Sharing American’s Private Jan 6 Financial Data with FBI

The demand is for "documents and communications related to the Judiciary Committee's and Weaponization Select Subcommittee's investigation into major banks sharing Americans’ private financial data with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) without legal process for transactions made in the Washington, D.C., area around Jan. 6, 2021."

Conservative Political Group Reveals Governor Katie Hobbs Asked Twitter To Censor Criticism

Conservative group Arizona Capitol Oversight released emails revealing that Arizona Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs asked Twitter to censor her critics.

Leaked Documents Show More Chinese Spy Balloon Operations

According to a new report, documents leaked online show that China has targeted America and other countries with up to four other spy balloons.

Head of Nashville School Reportedly Confronted Shooter, Gunned Down

Head of Covenant School Dr. Katherine Koonce was reportedly gunned down after confronting the shooter.

Leftist Group Accused of Running Massive Election Bribery Scheme in Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

Wisconsin Takes Action, a new liberal group in Wisconsin, is facing accusations of running a massive election bribery scheme in the upcoming state Supreme Court race.

East Palestine Resident Says His Voice Has Changed ‘Drastically’ Due To Train Derailment

An East Palestine resident said he is having trouble breathing and that his voice has changed dramatically as a result of the Feb. 3 Norfolk South train derailment and explosion, according to the New York Post.

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