White House Report Card: Zogby Says Biden ‘in Real Trouble’

This week’s White House Report Card finds President Joe Biden ending another horror week, whipped repeatedly by the Supreme Court and approval polls and facing a growing fall election disaster if he doesn’t pull up soon.

Forty Percent of New Yorkers Want to Leave ‘Vampire State’

New Yorkers are done with high taxes and Democratic leadership, and around 4 in 10 are looking for a way out of the state.

Poll: Joe Biden’s Job Approval Hits New Low at 36 Percent

President Joe Biden’s job approval continues to crash with a new low of 36.4 percent during the first nine months of his presidency, according to a Zogby poll, after facing a botched Afghanistan withdrawal, and more recently, a supply chain crisis.

Inflation fears surge 10%, double 2018 worries

jumped, doubling the fears of just three years ago, according to a groundbreaking “Inflation Index” survey provided to Secrets.

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