Biden Admin. Awards Grant to Palestinian Group Whose Leaders Say Terrorist Is a ‘Hero’

The Biden administration gave a $78,000 grant to a Palestinian activist group whose leaders attended an anniversary event celebrating the founding of a terrorist group and praised the murderer of a U.S. military attaché as a "hero fighter."

Ukraine, Russia Near ‘Consensus’ on 4 of 6 Key Issues to End War: Erdoğan

Turkish president says there is "almost a consensus" on the majority of issues that are needed for the warring nations to call a cease-fire.

Ukrainian Doctor Says He Ordered Staff to ‘Castrate’ Russian Soldiers: ‘They Are Cockroaches’ (Video)

Doctor Gennadiy Druzenko said during Ukrainian TV broadcast that he gave "very strict orders to castrate all [captured Russian] men, because they are cockroaches, not people."

Chinese Communists Subsidized Trips For Western Journalists For Over 25 Years—CNN, NPR, WaPo, NYT, Reuters, ABC, NBC

Among the outlets sending journalists to participate in the trips are The New York Times, The Washington Post, National Public Radio (NPR), CNN, Reuters, POLITICO, and more.

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