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Biden Admin Negotiates Deal to Give WHO Authority Over U.S. Pandemic Policies

The Biden administration is readying to sign a "legally binding" agreement with the World Health Organization that would permit it the authority to dictate U.S. policies during a pandemic, The Epoch Times has reported.

Kansas Senator Accuses Biden of ‘Hypocrisy’ and ‘Fearmongering’

Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) accused the Joe Biden administration of “hypocrisy” and “fearmongering” over claims that Republicans want to cut Medicare when the Biden administration has moved to cut Medicare Advantage.

Watchdog Says HHS Management of COVID Gain-of-Function Research ‘Does Not Fully Meet Key Elements of Effective Oversight’

HHS oversight of gain-of-function research “does not fully meet key elements of effective oversight" and "fell short in terms of transparency and performing reviews."

Biden Extends COVID-19 Health Emergency Declaration

In September 2022, Biden said, "The pandemic is over."

Oversight Committee Chair to Investigate COVID Origins, Interview Fauci and Government Officials

Republican James Comer (KY), incoming Oversight Committee Chair, alongside Jim Jordan (R-OH) stated the committee's intentions to investigate the beginnings of Covid.

Biden Administration Confirms It Wants Taxpayers to Pay For Sex-Change Operations on Minors

The Biden administration supports using taxpayer dollars to fund sex-change operations on minors, Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra confirmed in written testimony submitted to the House Committee on Education Labor on Nov. 29.

Health and Human Services ‘Radical’ Climate Spending Promotes ‘Left-Wing Agenda’: GOP

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee say the Department of Health and Human Services’ new office dealing with climate change and "health equity" is a taxpayer boondoggle and are demanding to know how the office plans to spend $3 million that the Biden administration is requesting to fund it.

CDC Recommends COVID-19 Shots for Kids and Adults, Sparking Uproar Over Possible Mandates

Advisers to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention voted to add COVID-19 shots to the recommended immunization schedule for adults and children, though it will not trigger school mandates unless states act.

Tennessee’s New AG: Good for the State, Great for the Country

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Head Start Mask Mandate Will Be Removed: Biden Administration

The federal Head Start program, which provides preschool and child care services to low-income families, will soon stop requiring masks.

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