Muslim Activists Start ‘Abandon Biden’ Movement in Nine Swing States

A national Muslim activist movement named “Abandon Biden” is organizing groups in nine swing states to prevent President Joe Biden from winning reelection in November.

Preserving Parental Rights, a Cornerstone of a Healthy Society

In Austin, Texas, a significant legal battle is unfolding that encapsulates a crucial debate over parental rights and the protection of children.

Biden Faces Criticism Over Remarks on Israel, Snickers in CNN Interview

In an exclusive interview with CNN, President Joe Biden faced criticism for appearing "confused" as he discussed Israel and repeated a debunked claim about...

New Poll Reveals Trump Leading Biden in Democrat Washington State

A new poll released by the Independent Center/Bullfinch Group claims that former President Donald Trump is currently ahead of Joe Biden by a slight lead in Democratic Washington state.

Trump: London ‘Unrecognisable’ Due to Protests, Urges Cultural Preservation

Former President Donald Trump criticized London's response to protests and warned against similar cultural changes in the United States, claiming the British capital had...

Poll: Latino Americans Prefer Trump Over Biden on Economy and Immigration

In a recent poll conducted by Axios/Ipsos, Latino Americans overwhelmingly indicated a preference for former President Donald Trump over President Biden on the economy...

COVID Relief Funds Went to Illegal Immigrants: Report

Madison, Wisconsin, gave COVID-19 relief funds to illegal immigrants, according to a report by the Institute for Reforming Government's (IRG) Center for Investigative Oversight.

Trump Says Election Day Will Be ‘Christian Visibility Day’

Former President Donald Trump said during a campaign rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, this week that Election Day will be "Christian Visibility Day."

Trump Plans Border-Centric Rallies in Key Battleground States

Donald Trump is expected to ramp up his criticism of President Joe Biden's border policies during campaign events in Wisconsin and Michigan, critical battleground...

TikTok Spends Millions of Dollars on TV Ads

Social media platform TikTok has spent $2.1 million in television ads as the Senate is reviewing a bill that could force its parent company to sell the app.

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